Sunday, October 14, 2007

When did he get so big?

"Hi, Pe-er"
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Amanda was commenting the other day that all the blogs she reads have cute pictures and I need one to be consistent. I asked if I should post it under the general welfare clause.

Anyway, I often look at Andrew and wonder when he got so big, but never as much as the last three weeks. I swear three weeks ago I could pick him up and carry him up the stairs without straining my back; three weeks ago he also looked like a toddler.

Now all of a sudden, we have this little baby and Andrew suddenly got really heavy and started looking like a kid. It's eery; he gained almost no weight in the 10 months from his second birthday to Peter's zeroth (hmm, you would think it would be his first...) but now in three weeks he must have put on at least 5 pounds. I promise, he's heavier; I just can't prove it.

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