Monday, October 22, 2007

Those poor farmers

Those of you who know me know I despise federal farm subsidies. You probably could have guessed that from earlier posts as well. They're not at the top of my list of programs to cut, but they're close.

If they gave money to keep small farmers in business, I'd still oppose them. We don't have federal programs to keep TV repairman or elevator operators or any number of the other industries that have become useless in our modern society, I don't see why we should take money from individuals who have adapted to a modern economy so we can keep inefficient farming mechanisms in place.

Having said that, that's not what farm subsidies do. NRO has an article today stating that the fourth largest recipient of your farm tax dollars is the Arkansas Department of Corrections. I don't think they would go under if I stopped paying them to farm (or maybe not to farm).

The end of that article has a quote from Collin Peterson (D, Minn) telling us that if we don't understand agriculture we should keep out of their business. I don't understand TV repair either, but I still oppose my money going to someone not repairing my TV.

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