Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Andrew 'Camping'
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It's probably been a few months, but Andrew recently started pretending things, which is extremely cute. For instance "I'm a mommy lion, you be daddy lion." Anyway, he got this little play tent for his second birthday and we set it up inside every once in a while. This week we got it out because he's really wanted to go camping, but the new baby doesn't fit very well with that plan.

After getting me in this little tent with him he got his play camp stove and made me some eggs. He then turned his little battery powered camp lantern off and declared that it was dark outside and we needed to go to sleep. His lantern didn't really change the amount of available light at all, since the tent is in our well lighted living room, but now that it was out, it was clearly dark outside.

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Granny said...

I think he is so cute - Andrew - not Chris!