Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A New Constitution?

In my wandering through the internet today I managed to find
an article in the LA Times by a guy who thinks we should rewrite the Constitution. I rather like the one we have, but I can think of some changes I wouldn't mind making. I might outline a few of them tomorrow, today I'll just say why I don't like his:

The War Powers Balance -- I like his idea of mandating that the President has 6 months to take action before he requires a declaration of war by the Congress. I don't, however, like his followup that with war declared he needs reauthorization every 6 months. If we go back in our history I doubt any war was popular 6 months in. If the prosecution of a war was left entirely to popular opinion the cost of DDay would almost certainly have been too much to bear, especially in today's media culture. If the congress had to reauthorize our support every 6 months then any other country would be moronic to ally themselves with us because the chances would be almost certain they would be hung out to dry in a year or so when things got really bad.

The representative nature of the Senate and the electoral college. He presents these as two issues, but they're really not. If we are a national government then they make sense, but if we have a federal government (which I, obviously, prefer) then it makes sense to give power to the states as states and not just divide it among the people.

Non-natural born Presidents -- I have no problems with this, but I won't really lobby for it, either.

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