Thursday, November 7, 2013

The selfishness of the Left

It's hard to escape progressives claiming that Republicans and conservatives are just a bunch of greedy rich folk who don't care about the poor, while those sweet Progressives are looking out for the less fortunate.  This is especially common among religious progressives, who seem to think that the Bible commands us to take care of the poor by threatening others.

One of the great things Obamacare has done for us (and really the list is quite long, but primarily as bad examples) is to show how incredibly selfish the left really is.  It seems like you can open any paper these days and find a story about some poor leftist who supported Obama, and may still support Obamacare, but finds it unacceptable that their insurance costs are doubling.  We need to help those poor people who don't have insurance, and somebody has to pay for it, but it should be somebody else.

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