Friday, April 12, 2013

So-Called Assault Weapons

Charles Cooke on Morning Joe (YouTube)

The fascinating thing to me about this isn't the 3 progressive's position on gun control, it's that they "argue", with a straight face, that drawing a "distinction between continuous and non-continuous", thus a military M16 that fires bullets as long as you hold the trigger down and a civilian AR15 that fires one bullet per trigger pull is "meaningless". They're both "assault weapons" that are intended for combat.  Put a different grip on it so your thumb can't reach between the grip and the stock, though, and it becomes a perfectly reasonable sport weapon.  That's a real difference!  That's what makes the military so effective, they carry weapons that allow the "web of the trigger hand [to be] placed below the level of the top of the exposed portion of the trigger when in firing position".  Nobody could possibly want to stand in an ergonomically comfortable firing position when target shooting for sport, it must be for purposes of combat.

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