Monday, May 24, 2010

Right to Privacy

As another Supreme Court appointment comes up, I was thinking about the left's signature judicial issue: the right to privacy and its effects upon abortion law. I find it ironic that the supposed legal justification for the central tenet of liberal jurisprudence is a "right to privacy." The left would like to make cigarettes illegal in your own home, to pass laws about what kinds of firearms you can use, to control where your child goes to school and even how you discipline them, and what health coverage you carry. Limitations on a commercial transaction involving a doctor, a few nurses, a medical billing practice, and a patient, though, are off limits because of the egregious invasion of privacy. Not all such transactions, of course, a fair share of the left actually want the government more involved in health care which would necessarily require a government office to be familiar with your medical records and to determine what treatments are efficacious for your present condition. Also not all aspects of abortion transactions, off the top of my head an abortion must be regulated by at least OSHA, the FDA, the OMH, the MHRA, the DOL, and the EEOC, and probably the CDC and the CPSC. And if, as many Democrats want, Abortion came under a universal government healthcare program then every aspect of it would be subject to government oversight, regulation and control, but it's still too private to be regulated by the government.

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