Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pro Abortion

Most Pro-choice activists are at pains to clarify that they aren't pro-abortion, just pro-choice. I think the current posturing by various "women's" groups to stonewall an advertisement scheduled to run during the Super Bowl in which Tebow and his mother talk about the negative consequences of abortion put the lie to this. I haven't seen the ad (and neither have any of the activists complaining about it, as far as I know) but my impression is part of the current "Choose Life" campaign to discourage abortion rather than an attempt to outlaw abortion. Given that only a Supreme Court Justice could return the right to the states to outlaw abortion, it seems like a massive waste of money to run an ad to people who have virtually no input on such a decision.

Assuming this is right, and I've heard no evidence to the contrary, then it's extremely difficult for me to see how those who wish to silence advocates of one of the choices they wish to leave open are actually "pro-choice". I can see how someone could be both pro-life and pro-choice (you wish the choice to be legal, but believe that abortion is never a preferable alternative. Similarly I think smoking cigarettes is stupid, but I'm not for restricting your right to do it.) similarly I can see how someone could be both pro-abortion and pro-choice (you think that abortion is often a better choice but don't want the government making such decisions. It's easy to see how either a eugenicist or a population growth type could believe this). I have no idea what the motivation of women's groups is, but a dedication to restricting advocacy for choosing life demonstrates to me a preference for abortion, not just choice.

On a related note, if CBS declines to run the ad (and I'd say odds are on them declining) then I can't help but conclude that CBS either refuses to run advocacy ads during sporting events (and I suspect a quick perusal of past ads will show this to be false) or they are themselves a willing advocate for abortion.

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