Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I just saw this for the first time this afternoon (feel free to ignore the inserted comments, I couldn't find a raw copy of the video):

The reason I post this is that this video really cuts to the heart of the health care debate. What Axelrod is saying here is that overriding state regulations so that you can buy health care that's legal in Georgia if you live in Alabama is too "disruptive" to the consumers. The better, non-disruptive, option is to:

- establish several new federal agencies responsible overriding state regulations and telling all insurance companies what services they must provide
- fine people thousands of dollars if they don't subsidize those with more expensive health habits or illnesses by buying overpriced "insurance" that's really a way to spread wealth around
- offer a "public option" so that you have a "choice" in health care after the aforementioned restrictions put all 50 states in the same shape that Alabama is now.

I hope you'll forgive me if I'd rather be "disrupted" by being given the choice to buy health care that's currently off limits.

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