Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Working well with others

I just read a report that the Obama State Department is, to our nations great discredit, working with the second Durbin conference on racism. The US and Israel walked out of the first conference when it (predictably) became a forum for Arab nations that put Christians in jail for keeping stores open during Ramadan, even if it isn't actually illegal, to officiously declare racist the policies of one of the two countries in the middle east where a Muslim can vote and members of all Islamic sects can build mosques.

In the Jerusalem Post it is said "Jewish leaders were told that Washington's decision to participate in the conference was being coordinated with the Israeli government." Like Obama's reaching out to conservatives on the massive-increase-in-government-spending bill, this meant not that he would actually take input from them, but rather informed them of the time he was going to go sell out to the UN.

I see a growing pattern of working well with others, so long as they go along with what was already decided.

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