Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Homeland Security

Business Trip
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I had my bags searched in New York's La Guardia Airport yesterday and I must say it was on the whole a fairly decent experience. The TSA employees I have dealt with in Atlanta have all been jerks who act like a playground bully that just had the teacher put them in charge. This agent told me he needed to search my bag and asked if I wanted to have a seat and put my shoes and belt back on before he started. He then, extremely politely pulled everything out of my camera bag (body, two lenses, remote triggers, optical slave, two strobes, roll of gaff, mini-tripod, two umbrella swivels, CPL filter, rosco sample pack) scanned it for explosives, and carefully put all of it back exactly how he got it out, including facing the same direction. (It ends up the problem was my too-big-for-the-current-regulations toothpaste tube was under the camera bag and the camera had nothing to do with it).

I still oppose the very existence of a TSA and think most of their regulations are inane (particularly searching pilots. What are they going to do, take over the plane?) But this particular member of their staff was extremely professional and I'm appreciative.

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