Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama is my President

I read a couple of comments on political blogs last night saying that Obama stole the election and "he's not my President." I've heard enough of that garbage the last 8 years; conservatives need to get over it.

I don't like Obama. To be frank I think he is going to do more damage to this country than any President since FDR. I think in the campaign he has shown himself to be extremely hostile in suppressing opposition speech, willing to intentionally turn off fraud checking on his credit card donations to abet credit card and campaign fraud in furtherance of his election, and willing to lie about his positions (I'm not sure what else to call it when he is simultaneously espousing conflicting positions, unless he's just postmodern enough to reject truth itself). But I think Americans knew what they were voting for, and they chose him.

Do I wish McCain had won? Sure, I also wish Fred Thompson or Romney had won, but that didn't happen. Do I wish voters were better informed. Absolutely. Do I wish we did a better job cutting down on voter fraud? Yes.

Was Obama elected President of the United States? Yes.

I can reject the whole idea of elected leadership, but I cannot reasonably accept America and reject Obama.

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