Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bobby Jindal

I'm hearing more and more rumors that Bobby Jindal might be John McCain's pick for Vice-President. Let me first say that he's absolutely perfect for the job. He's a rising star of conservatism in America; he has already done fantastic work in Louisiana; and he offsets most of McCain's weaknesses.

Having said that, he should not take the job. He has a chance to demonstrate Federalism in action in a way that I don't recall happening before in my (rather short) lifetime. He has come into one of the most publicly broken states in the nation and has the chance to show that conservative policies do work by turning things around before the inevitable next hurricane comes through. Also of importance, if he is removed from LA the next governor will be Mitch Landrieu, who will almost certainly return to something more like Blanco's policies.

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