Friday, January 11, 2008

Can we fix it?

The other day I was working on getting my car fixed and Andrew comes up while I was under it and asked "Daddy, is your car broken?" I said yes. He said, "Can We Fix It?"

So a bit later he amused himself by flushing bar soap down the toilet. This created quite a clog and my plunger isn't up to the task. So I was sitting up there looking at it and we had the following interchange:

Andrew: Is the toilet broken?
Me: yes
A: Why don't you fix it?
Me: I need a toilet auger and I don't have the tools.
A: Go to the garage and get the tools.

How helpful.

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shelley said...

Elijah has similar delusions that anything can be easily fixed. Just this evening, he was counseling us to crash the car (one of his favorite past times with his toy trucks) while we were out driving. He seemed disappointed when we declined.